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Lita Llewellyn, BA, MACP, CCC-Q, LCT-C, EMDR Therapy

Clinical Counsellor

Lita brings to Northside Counselling Services several years of experience working with adults through a variety of programs. Lita’s diverse background includes work with neurodiversity, traumatic brain injury, residential care, transitional living, reintegration, and family support. A graduate of the Master of Counselling Psychology Program at Yorkville University, Lita currently works with numerous adult populations including military and incarceration; and has built her expertise in several therapeutic topics including addiction, depression, mood regulation, and trauma.

Establishing a client-centered therapeutic alliance based on mutual respect and collaboration is first and foremost for this clinician; and her practice uses an integrated approach that is trauma-informed, drawing on a variety of approaches such as strength-based practice, positive psychology, solution-focused therapy, Gestalt therapy, and cognitive-behavioural therapy. Lita offers a diverse, empathetic, and inclusive environment to help encourage lasting change and growth.